5 Tips To Take Care Of Printer Cartridges

5 Tips To Take Care Of Printer Cartridges

Printing cartridges is one of the most important office supplies. Not only the toners are expensive, but these are delicate pieces that need to be handled carefully. The technology behind printer cartridges is complex.

You can't do without them. You need them every few minutes and that's why you need to show some care for your printer cartridges. Here are a few tips you must follow to take care of your printer cartridges.

HP 11 (C4836AN) Cyan Ink Cartridge

Store Carefully

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Check for the temperature recommendations and make sure you store the cartridges in the right temperature. The ink cartridges must be kept away from humidity. Store them in a dark area where no sunlight enters because that can harm the ink.

Moreover, you should make sure that all the other storing instructions mentioned by the manufacturers are carefully followed. Keep their packaging intact until it's time to install them for use.

Follow The Right Installation Process

HouseOfToners Remanufactured Replacement for HP 11 (C4837AN) Magenta Ink Cartridge

Every brand has a different installation process. Printer ink costs a lot and that's why it is important to install it the right way. AcceptXing to the counter brand, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can also find an installation guide for every type of printer on our blog.

Take Care Of The Little Issues

Every Cartridge faces some issues like drying up and others. When the cartridge dries up, take it out to treat. Take two paper towels. Dampen one of the towels and keep one dry. Use the damp towel to bloat the ink cartridge. Repeat the process a few times. When you think the dried ink is ready to get out, cover it with a dry paper towel and wait for a few moments until the dried ink comes out. Slide the cartridge back and you are done.

Get The Most Out Of Your Cartridges

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First of all, keep your printer updated to the latest software. Updates improve your printer condition and that eventually improves the cartridge condition as well. Use draft mode to print ordinary documents such as emails and meeting notes. Printing in colour is expensive and that's why you should keep it for important documents only. Turn the printer off when not in use. You don't need to turn it off after every use, but you can do that at the end of the day or before a holiday.

Don't Let Them Pile Up To Increase The Environmental Waste

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Don't let the empty printer cartridges be a part of the waste. Choose a good recycling option and get them recycled to save the environment as well as some bucks. The cartridges decompose in about 1000 years and the consumption is too high. Recycling the cartridges reduces the waste to a great extent.

Be an eco-friendly user by opting for Remanufactured ink Cartridge instead of originally manufactured cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges from reputed manufacturers are of good quality and save the environment as well.

Know more about cartridges care and installation. Consult with our experts for free.

Posted by Houseoftoners.com on 1st Feb 2020

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